Sri Lanka School Books: Nool

Sri Lanka School Books: Nool

A Complete study suite that is enough for a student in his/her school education.

Education is a necessary matter in each and everyone's life in order to sustain better. The world is changing every second so to match those speeds we have to increase our speed. Education is like fuel for a vehicle that gives the necessary energy to move farther. We're here to introduce a new educational platform for Sri Lankan board students and teachers named Srilanka School Books: Result.


This app contains a lot of interesting features which will help you the most during your school education. It was developed for both teachers and students.

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Srilankan School Textbooks

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library

Everyone is lacking knowledge in this pandemic, without proper materials or books we can't get high marks or sufficient knowledge. In order to solve those matters, we are here. You can get all standard school textbooks of the Srilankan school board based on the medium of your education.

Srilankan School Board Results

Result will always be the exact copy of your hard work

Check your board exam results here in the same app which will make your process much smoother and easier.

Notes and Bookmarks

Note-Taking while reading a book is always a good habit

If you have a note-taking habit while reading something means keep it up, because it was a good habit that will help you to retrieve what you have studied. We have a default note-taking facility in our app that will help you the most in your learning process.

Many of us have this issue which becomes a headache for us. Everyone loves to read but many times we forget where we left off before starting. Literally, it becomes a mystery to find and it'll also destroy our mindset. To reduce this kind of thing we're having a bookmarks feature which helps you the most in maintaining your mindset and mood in peace.

Guides and Materials

It's a boon to have someone to guide you in your life

Not only books but also some extra guides and materials also we're having which will be helpful for you. We often notify you of new and updated guides and materials without any cost.


Education is necessary for each and every person in this world, and definitely Srilanka School Books app will be a boon for students and teachers of SriLankan board. Keep using and read more. Best wishes!